Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Xillinx Controler Board Design Underway

My controller board design or at least the FPGA programmable logic part is nearing completion and work on schematic capture is underway. Hopefully this will be followed by PCB layout and prototype.

The FPGA board will be a separate plug on board that will piggy back onto the board/s that hold the interfacing and power driving sections of the design.

Doing it this way makes it possible to use the board in other designs without a full redesign. I guess it makes a good Programmable Logic experimenter board too.

The Design uses the Xillinx Spartan 3E and can be programmed and debugged using the JTAG interface. (Socket provided on logic board)

Progress is a touch slow at the moment as I am catching up on a list of stuff that needs doing around the place now the weather is picking up.