Thursday, 13 March 2008

Turning a PTO on a Drill Press

The Ball Mill frame is now glued and screwed together and awaiting some milling. Last bit to make is the PTO (Power Take Off) adapter.

Our food mixer has a PTO on the end of the body that is used to plug other accessories into. This PTO is recessed and is simply a 12mm square key in the end of a rotating shaft.

I have some 12mm square aluminum bar and have cut out a section to make the adapter from.

The rubber hose of the flexible coupling already made for the purpose though needs to be fitted to a round 8mm shaft.

Here's a picture of the drill press being used as a rough lathe.

Basically the Aluminum bar to be turned down is clamped in the Drill Chuck and left hand offset lathe tool is clamped in the Drill Press Vice. If it is all carefully aligned then the piece can be turned in stages by running the drill and pressing the rotating Aluminum bar towards the Lathe Tool.

It is problematic to take too much material of at a go as the arrangement is a touch prone to vibration which messes up the alignment.

The results are a touch rough but look to be serviceable. Lubricating the workpiece with 3 in 1 oil at regular intervals seems to improve the cutting speed and reduces vibration.

Hopefully this will get finished over the weekend.

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