Monday, 3 March 2008

Rollers and Coupling Complete

Here's the end detail on the Idler and Drive Rollers showing the bearings slipped on to the ends.

Here's the Idler Roller, Drive Roller and Flexible Coupling complete.


Jack said...

Ok, it must be the n003 in me, what is a rolling mill? How are you going to use it related to RepRap?

What little I know is from

aka47 said...


Its a Ball Mill and those are the rollers.

Easiest explanation you can find here with some piccys.

The Ball mill is used to grind substances in to a very fine powder for experimenting and making depositable support pastes with.

The support paste is what you lay down along with the polymer to make supports for polymer overhangs etc

Air makes a very poor support for saggy plastic.

When printing is complete and the plastic cooled the support paste is washed away leaving only the parts you want.

Hope this helps.